In our daily lives, we often believe that we are in control of our health. We exercise, eat well, and take precautions to stay healthy. However, the reality is far more complex. There are many factors outside of our control that have a significant impact on our health, particularly the products manufactured and marketed by large corporations. These products can pose serious health risks, leading to sickness and even death.

One of the most concerning examples of corporate influence on our health is the exposure to dangerous forever chemicals, such as PFAS. These chemicals are linked to various health issues, including kidney and testicular cancers. Shockingly, most of us are carrying these chemicals in our bodies without even realizing it. Additionally, exposure to other harmful products like tobacco, alcohol, ultra-processed foods, and fossil fuels contribute to a significant number of deaths worldwide.

It is alarming to discover that many large corporations are fully aware of the harms their products can cause, yet they deliberately hide this information to maintain profits. These companies have used tactics similar to those employed by the tobacco industry, such as suppressing unfavorable research and distorting public debate. By concealing the dangers of their products, these corporations prevent consumers from making informed decisions about their health.

Numerous cases of corporate wrongdoing, including asbestos, fossil fuels, pesticides, herbicides, sugar, silica, and tobacco, have come to light over the years. In these instances, companies intentionally manufactured doubt or concealed the harmful effects of their products to avoid regulation and maximize profits. These unethical practices have been passed down from one industry to another, resulting in widespread harm to consumers.

Forever chemicals like PFOA and PFOS have had a devastating impact on public health, with severe consequences for human health and the environment. Despite extensive internal research by companies like 3M and DuPont on the risks posed by these chemicals, the information was kept hidden from the public for decades. As a result, many countries are now facing the consequences of widespread contamination, leading to expensive cleanup efforts.

To prevent similar incidents in the future, it is essential to implement measures that hold corporations accountable for their actions. One approach is to require companies to adhere to the same standards of data sharing and open science as independent researchers. This would ensure transparency in the evaluation of product safety. Additionally, severing financial ties between industry and researchers or policymakers and mandating public transparency of corporate funding would help prevent corporate influence on health outcomes.

The influence of corporations on our health is a significant concern that cannot be ignored. By uncovering corporate wrongdoing and implementing strategies to combat their influence, we can work towards a healthier future for all. It is crucial to prioritize public health over corporate profits and hold companies accountable for the products they sell. By taking action to address these issues, we can protect ourselves and future generations from the harmful effects of corporate greed.


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