The Korea Electrotechnology Research Institute (KERI) has recently made a significant advancement in the field of energy storage with the development of a groundbreaking technology for all-solid-state batteries. This innovation, led by Dr. Park Jun-woo and Sung Junghwan, has the potential to revolutionize the battery industry by eliminating the risks of explosion and fire associated with traditional lithium-ion batteries.

The key to KERI’s success lies in their “size-controlled wet-chemical synthesis of solid-state electrolytes,” which has been published in Energy Storage Materials. This technology not only reduces processing time and cost but also improves the quality of solid-state electrolytes used in batteries. By leveraging solid-state electrolytes instead of liquid ones, all-solid-state batteries are able to significantly minimize the risk of fire or explosion.

One of the major challenges in the production of all-solid-state batteries is the size of the solid-state electrolytes, which need to be extremely small to be integrated into the cathode. KERI’s innovative approach allows for the mass production of these minute electrolytes with enhanced ionic conductivity. By using microscopic raw materials and controlling the nucleation rate during chemical reactions, KERI has been able to produce fine solid-state electrolytes through a simple wet synthesis technique.

Unlike traditional methods that involve large solid-state electrolyte particles and additional processes like mechanical grinding, KERI’s approach streamlines the production process and eliminates the need for costly and complex procedures. This not only reduces production time and cost but also improves the overall quality of solid-state electrolytes.

KERI has already submitted patent applications for this technology and is expecting significant interest from the all-solid-state battery industry. The institute is also planning to engage in technology transfer agreements with companies looking to utilize this innovative breakthrough. Additionally, KERI aims to combine this achievement with their special wet synthesis technique to further reduce raw material costs and position themselves as leaders in the mass production of high-quality solid-state electrolytes.

KERI’s achievement in developing a revolutionary technology for all-solid-state batteries represents a significant milestone in the energy storage industry. With the potential to enhance battery safety, reduce costs, and improve overall performance, this breakthrough has the power to drive innovation in the field of renewable energy and electric vehicles.


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