Niantic has always been committed to creating interactive and social experiences for players in their games. Whether it’s through the popular “Pokemon Go” or “Monster Hunter Now,” the developer understands the power of bringing players together. One of the most important aspects of these games is the sense of togetherness that players feel when they participate in events or complete challenging tasks with friends. Now, Niantic aims to enhance this feeling by introducing Party Play in “Pokemon Go.” This upcoming feature allows players to team up in groups of up to four and engage in various activities together, from catching Pokemon to defeating raids.

Party Play in “Pokemon Go” is designed to foster friendly competition and collaboration among players. Through the Trainer Profile, players can access the new Party Tab and create a party. Once a party is formed, a numerical code or QR code is generated, which can be scanned or entered by nearby friends to join the party. This unique feature enables players to see and interact with each other on the screen, creating a sense of camaraderie as they explore the game world together.

The maximum number of players in a party is four, with a minimum requirement of two. The party leader has the ability to add new friends that players may encounter during their adventures. Party Play offers more than just an opportunity for socializing; it also introduces rewards and benefits for participants. By reaching specific goals, such as catching a certain number of Pokemon, players can earn valuable items like Ultra Balls or Mega Beedrill energy. The challenge and rewards are determined by the party leader, allowing for customization and variety.

One of the most exciting aspects of Party Play is the introduction of Party Power in raids. Party Power is a unique ability that enhances the effectiveness of Charged Attacks. By doubling the damage output of the next Charged Attack, players can significantly improve their chances of defeating powerful raid bosses. The Party Power charges with every Fast Attack, and the more party members there are, the faster it charges. This feature proves especially useful when facing challenging raids with a limited number of trainers, providing a potential advantage in overcoming difficult obstacles.

While Party Play offers a thrilling and immersive experience, there are certain limitations and considerations to keep in mind. To participate in Party Play activities such as raids, all players must be within the same distance from a Pokestop. It is not possible to send a party code to a friend in a different location and expect them to join you instantly. Additionally, the standard duration of a Party Play session is one hour, but Niantic is exploring the possibility of extending this time limit for special events. This flexibility would allow players to engage in longer sessions during specific occasions and further enhance their cooperative gameplay experience.

It’s important to note that Party Play statistics are not permanently saved. Once the session ends, the stats disappear. However, players can capture memorable moments by taking photos of the most caught Pokemon or the most raids defeated. These photos can then be shared on social media, allowing for lasting memories and friendly competition outside the game itself. Furthermore, it is worth mentioning that Party Play is available to trainers who have reached level 15 or above.

To commemorate the launch of Party Play, Niantic is offering free Eevee shirts for player avatars. This special promotion adds a fun and fashionable element to the game, allowing players to showcase their enthusiasm for the new feature while expressing their personal style. This gesture from Niantic demonstrates their dedication to creating a vibrant and engaging community within “Pokemon Go.”

Party Play represents an exciting new chapter in the evolution of “Pokemon Go.” By enabling players to team up and engage in a wide range of activities together, Niantic is further enhancing the social aspect of the game. The introduction of Party Power in raids adds a game-changing dynamic, where cooperation and collaboration become paramount. As players embark on this new adventure, they will undoubtedly forge new friendships and create lasting memories. With the release of Party Play, Niantic continues to demonstrate their commitment to building immersive and interactive gaming experiences that bring people together.


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