A recent incident on a LATAM flight from Sydney to Auckland has left passengers with harrowing tales of fear and injury. According to reports, the Boeing-made plane experienced a technical problem that caused it to dip violently, resulting in twelve passengers being hospitalized. One passenger recounted how people were flung towards the ceiling of the plane as it quickly lost altitude. Some were even thrown through the air due to not wearing their seatbelts, resulting in injuries and a wave of terror among the passengers.

As the plane landed in Auckland, a fleet of ambulances and medical vehicles rushed to the scene to treat the wounded. Medics from the St John New Zealand ambulance service assessed and treated approximately 50 patients, with one person in serious condition and the rest in varying degrees of minor to moderate condition. Twelve patients were eventually transported to the hospital for further evaluation and treatment. Among those treated were at least three cabin crew members.

A Pilot’s Perplexing Revelation

One passenger, Brian Jokat, shared a chilling account of witnessing another traveler hit the roof of the plane before falling back down and breaking his ribs on an armrest. After the flight landed, Jokat approached the pilot to inquire about the incident. The pilot reportedly admitted to losing his instrumentation briefly, causing a momentary lapse before its sudden return. This revelation left Jokat with a sense of unease and sympathy for the pilot, who appeared regretful of the situation.

The incident involving the LATAM flight has raised further concerns about the safety of Boeing aircraft. The company has faced a series of safety issues in recent years, including the tragic crashes of 737 MAX planes operated by Lion Air and Ethiopian Airlines. Additionally, a near-catastrophic incident in January involving a Boeing 737 MAX 9 Alaska Airlines jet further highlighted the ongoing safety challenges faced by the manufacturer. As a result, authorities are closely monitoring the situation and considering whether further investigations are warranted.

The New Zealand Transport Accident Investigation Commission is actively monitoring the reported incident to determine if an inquiry is necessary. Depending on the circumstances, Chilean authorities may also be involved in the investigation if the incident occurred in international airspace. Meanwhile, LATAM has announced that passengers destined for Santiago will now depart from New Zealand on Tuesday evening, signaling a tentative return to normalcy after the harrowing flight experience.


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