The recent strike by Swedish metal workers’ union IF Metall has caught the attention of Tesla chief executive Elon Musk. The strike has led to disruptions in Tesla’s operations, as Swedish postal workers have halted deliveries to Tesla offices and repair shops. In response to a user’s query on social media platform X (formerly Twitter), Musk finally broke his silence and called the situation “insane”. This article examines the impact of the strike on Tesla’s new car deliveries and the reasons behind the labor action.

One of the major concerns arising from the strike is the potential blockage of new Tesla cars hitting the road in Sweden. The Swedish Transport Agency delivers license plates for new cars through mail carrier Postnord, which is currently involved in the strike. As a result, the strike could prevent new cars from being delivered to customers or being registered with license plates. The disruption caused by this labor action highlights the dependence of Tesla’s operations on a fully functional supply chain.

What started as a strike by 130 mechanics at 10 Tesla repair shops in seven cities has now expanded to include other repair shops that service Tesla and dock workers at Swedish ports. Alongside IF Metall, other unions, such as Seko (representing postal workers) and the Swedish Building Workers’ Union, have announced sympathy measures. These measures have the potential to further disrupt Tesla’s operations and lead to delays in servicing and repairing Tesla cars in Sweden.

In response to the strike, Tesla has been accused of using strike breakers to circumvent the labor action. IF Metall claims that the electric carmaker has systematically employed alternative methods to deliver new cars to Sweden, such as transporting them by road. This has raised concerns about the treatment of workers and the company’s commitment to the Swedish labor market model, which is based on negotiated collective agreements ensuring standard wages and working conditions for employees.

Despite the expansion of the strike and the announcement of sympathy measures by other unions, Swedish media reports suggest that the impacts have been limited thus far. The strike is yet to significantly impact Tesla’s ability to deliver new cars or service existing ones. However, this situation could change if the strike continues to grow and gain support from other sectors of the labor market.

The ongoing strike by IF Metall in Sweden has attracted criticism from Tesla CEO Elon Musk, who labeled the situation as “insane.” The strike has disrupted Tesla’s operations, leading to the halt of deliveries to offices and repair shops. The potential blockage of new car deliveries highlights the vulnerability of Tesla’s supply chain. The expansion of the strike and the involvement of other unions through sympathy measures further complicate the situation. Tesla’s response, including allegations of using strike breakers, has generated controversy. As the strike progresses, its full impact on Tesla’s operations in Sweden remains to be seen.


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