Samsung Electronics, the South Korean smartphone giant, has announced its plans to launch a real-time translation service on calls using AI technology. This forthcoming feature will be incorporated into Samsung’s new Galaxy flagship model, set for an early next year release. With Samsung being the world’s largest smartphone maker, accounting for a fifth of global sales, the introduction of this service will potentially revolutionize communication for its users.

The real-time translation feature will provide users with the ability to translate audio and text during phone calls. This groundbreaking technology will break down language barriers, enabling smooth communication for individuals speaking different languages. The translation feature will be seamlessly integrated into the phone call, allowing real-time interpretation. Moreover, this service is not limited to Samsung smartphones; even non-Samsung users will be able to benefit from it.

Samsung emphasizes that this AI-powered translation service will make conversing with foreigners as simple as turning on closed captions while streaming shows. Users will no longer need to rely on third-party translation apps or struggle with language barriers during phone calls. The real-time translation service will become an integral part of the conversation, promoting more effective and engaging interaction between individuals who speak different languages.

Samsung is dedicated to advancing artificial intelligence (AI) technology with its latest generative AI model called Samsung Gauss. This model serves three key fields: language, code, and image. Currently used among company staff, the company has plans to incorporate the AI system into a wide range of products in the near future.

The introduction of real-time translation service on calls demonstrates Samsung’s commitment to innovation and addressing the needs of its users. Breaking down language barriers in communication opens up new opportunities for collaboration, business expansion, and personal relationships. It paves the way for a more interconnected world where language differences no longer act as a hindrance.

As Samsung prepares to launch its new Galaxy flagship model with the real-time translation feature, it takes a significant step forward in revolutionizing global communication. The integration of AI technology into phone calls will create a seamless translation experience, enabling individuals of different language backgrounds to communicate effortlessly. With Samsung’s dedication to advancing AI technology, the potential impact of this feature extends beyond smartphone calls. It sets the stage for further innovation and integration of AI into Samsung’s wide range of products, ultimately transforming the way we interact and connect with the world.


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