The Consumer Electronics Show (CES) held annually in Las Vegas never fails to impress with its showcase of groundbreaking technologies. This year’s event was no exception, as wearable tech innovations took center stage. From programmable earbuds to electric skis, CES 2022 demonstrated the limitless possibilities of wearable technology.

Canadian company Naqui Logix unveiled their Naqi Neural Earbuds, which allow users to control connected devices with a simple nod or wink. These earbuds feature “biosensors” that detect the electrical impulses generated by facial expressions. Zavier Alexander, the director of product management, explained that the earbuds can be programmed to detect various gestures, including eyebrow raises, eye blinks, jaw flexes, and more. Initially developed to assist a paralyzed friend in playing video games, Naqi Logix is actively seeking partnerships with headphone manufacturers to integrate this groundbreaking technology into their products. This innovation has the potential to transform the way we interact with technology on a daily basis.

XREAL, a Chinese company, introduced augmented reality (AR) glasses that project a movie theater-sized screen into the air. These glasses offer users an immersive experience comparable to sitting in a cinema or having multiple virtual screens at their disposal. The slim design of these glasses makes them only slightly bulkier than conventional eyewear. Additionally, XREAL showcased sensors that track hand movements, enabling the creation of virtual 3D applications. With prices ranging between $400 and $700, these glasses open up new possibilities for entertainment and productivity.

Skyted, a French company, presented their silent mask designed for making important calls in noise-sensitive environments. This sound-absorbing mask, which resembles a surgical mask, eliminates external noise and ensures confidential communication on telephones or computers. Stephane Hersen, the company’s founder, emphasized the mask’s relevance in post-pandemic times when wearing masks has become more socially accepted. The Skyted silent mask offers a discreet solution for individuals working in noisy offices, allowing them to make silent calls even in the most challenging circumstances.

The founder of Simstechology, Sean Siembab, shared his personal experience as a corrections officer and a victim of a traumatic brain injury. Inspired by his encounters with attacks from behind, Siembab developed an innovative accessory designed to alert users when someone approaches them from behind. This device includes a tiny camera that records the interaction, providing evidence if needed. Users have the option to send an SOS message from their phone or smartwatch, ensuring quick assistance in dangerous situations. Simstechology’s accessory aims to enhance personal safety in various contexts and empower individuals to protect themselves effectively.

Shift Robotics showcased their electric wheeled device, the Moonwalkers X, a unique solution for effortless movement. Worn over shoes, these devices allow users to glide along without exerting unnecessary effort. Unlike roller skates, the Moonwalkers X do not coast, ensuring complete control and safety. This innovation is particularly useful in settings where people need to walk extensively, such as warehouses. Shift Robotics highlighted the productivity benefits, as employees wearing the Moonwalkers X can potentially save up to 400 hours a year. The successful pilot program at an IKEA store in Sweden further demonstrates the value of this technology.

French start-up Skwheel unveiled their electric skis, designed to replicate the sensation of skiing without snow or slopes. These battery-powered skates provide a unique experience that combines the thrill of skiing with the convenience of urban transportation. Skwheel aims to attract both daily commuters and winter sports enthusiasts who seek an exciting alternative during the summer months. By expanding the concept of outdoor sports, Skwheel is pushing boundaries and reimagining traditional recreational activities.

CES 2022 highlighted the ever-evolving landscape of wearable technology, with impressive innovations that redefine our interactions with devices and our environment. From the Naqi Neural Earbuds’ intuitive control capabilities to XREAL’s augmented reality glasses, these wearable tech advancements are set to revolutionize multiple industries. The silent mask by Skyted addresses the need for confidential communication, while Simstechology’s personal safety accessory adds a layer of security in potentially dangerous situations. Shift Robotics’ Moonwalkers X and Skwheel’s electric skis introduce practical solutions for effortless movement and redefine outdoor sports respectively. CES 2022 has proven that wearable tech is not just a trend but a transformative force shaping the future of technology and human interaction.


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