ESports enthusiasts are going to great lengths to secure their spots at the Asian Games, where professional gamers compete for medals in various gaming titles. Tickets for these highly anticipated events, some priced as high as $137, have become incredibly scarce, prompting fans to sign up for multiple lotteries and resort to desperate measures just to catch a glimpse of their gaming heroes.

ESports’ Rising Popularity

ESports has gained considerable popularity worldwide, and its inclusion as a medal event in the Asian Games is seen as a significant milestone towards its potential inclusion in the Olympics. Renowned gamers like South Korea’s Lee “Faker” Sang-hyeok are taking part in the games, further fueling the excitement among fans. With medals up for grabs in seven gaming titles including Arena of Valor, League of Legends, and EA Sports FC Online, the demand for tickets has skyrocketed.

One of the reasons why eSports tickets are in such high demand is the limited availability. Initially, tickets were allocated through an online lottery, making it a nerve-wracking endeavor for fans. Xu Kezhen, a 20-year-old fan, shares his experience, stating, “Getting tickets for this eSports competition was quite intense. I had to try five or six times before finally getting one. Everyone wants to come and support the Chinese team and their favorite players, so there is a rush to grab the tickets and show their support.”

The ticket acquisition process proved to be an arduous journey for many fans. Zhao Xiaohan, aged 23, signed up for multiple lotteries and eventually secured a prized spot. “It felt like quite a challenge to secure the ticket, and luck played a role as well,” says Zhao. However, not everyone was as fortunate. Jiang Xinyou, aged 29, expressed his disappointment, saying, “I really wanted to see the Chinese team play, but I wasn’t able to get tickets for those matches.” The scarcity of tickets has led to frustration and ultimately highlights the immense popularity of eSports.

A Glimpse of Gaming Glory

For the lucky ones who managed to secure tickets, entering the futuristic-looking Hangzhou Esports Center was a moment of triumph. Inside the 4,500-capacity arena, spectators waved lightsticks and cheered fervently as the digital heroes battled it out on screen. Athletes, equipped with their mobile devices, controlled these virtual avatars with intense focus. The atmosphere was electric, with fans demonstrating their unwavering support for their favorite players and teams.

Games organizers have taken measures to tackle ticket scalping, a common issue faced during major sporting events. Spectators are required to register their identification documents when purchasing tickets and present them upon entering the venue. While the exact number of tickets released has not been disclosed, this system helps prevent ticket hoarding and ensures a fair distribution among genuine fans.

As eSports continues to gain recognition and popularity, the demand for tickets to major events like the Asian Games proves to be tremendous. Fans’ unwavering dedication and desperation to secure a spot further highlight the significance of eSports in contemporary sports culture. With the potential inclusion of eSports in future Olympic events, the intense pursuit for tickets may become even fiercer, making attending these gaming tournaments an exhilarating yet challenging endeavor.


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