Hank the Tank: Residents Concerned as Massive Bear Ransacked Another Home in Lake Tahoe

A massive bear, also known as “Hank the Tank” by local residents, broke into several homes in South Lake Tahoe. According to the worried homeowners, this isn’t the first time South Lake Tahoe has been invaded by the 500-pound bear.

Hank the Tank Wreaks Havoc in California Community


(Photo : ARMEND NIMANI/AFP via Getty Images)

According to CBS Sacramento, at this point, locals are thinking about killing the bear. The event has prompted the California Department of Fish and Wildlife to declare the bear wanted. More than 150 calls have been made about the bear, according to a spokeswoman.

For more than six months, the Fish and Wildlife Service has been searching for Hank. There’s a lot of traffic and people in the areas, as well as a lot of vehicles.

As a result, this incident must be handled in a manner that is safe for both the public and the bear, said Peter Tira, the spokesperson. This bear has a terrible food addiction. People and their dwellings are now seen as a source of food for this bear that has lost its fear of humans.

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Efforts to Stop the Bear

Catalina Drive was the site of the most recent break-in, which occurred early on Friday morning. The bear had broken a small window and pushed its way inside the house, where the owners had no idea how to get him out of the place.

There were cops outside the home banging till Hank came out through the back door. Afterward, they remained in the area to make sure he didn’t damage or break into any more houses.

The Bear League argues that killing it would be cruel and pointless, as per The New York Times.

Previous Incidents Involving the Bear

There have been several reports of bear attacks. Fortunately, no one has been harmed in this incident. Fisheries and Wildlife officials have yet to respond to the Bear League’s request to relocate to a new sanctuary. In the meantime, a meeting in Tahoe Keys on the subject has been scheduled for Wednesday night.

CDFW spokesperson Peter Tira told CNN that since the spring of 2021, the department has tracked incidences involving this black bear. According to the US National Park Service, bears undergo hyperphagia in the autumn as a means of preparing for their winter hibernation.

According to CDFW, this bear has outgrown its fear of humans and now sees them as a source of food. Through the front door and the garage door, his huge size makes it easier for him to break into a residence.

When a black bear barged into a California woman’s northern Lake Tahoe cottage in October and rummaged through her kitchen, she was mauled to death. There were scratches and various wounds on the woman’s body all over her.

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