Coronapod: Why T cells have been overlooked


Coronapod: Why T cells have been overlooked

Noah Baker and Heidi Ledford explore the role of T cells in protection from COVID-19

Much of the coverage of COVID immunity often focuses on antibody response and for good reason – these small, y-shaped proteins can detect, and in some cases neutralise, viruses like SARS-CoV-2. But as variants like Omicron evolve to evade antibodies, the role of another part of the immune system, T cells, has been brought into sharper focus. These immune cells work in a different way to antibodies, attacking infected cells rather than the virus itself, which can make their response broader and more robust. Now, research is showing that, unlike antibodies, T cell potency is not impacted by the mutations in variants like Omicron. In this episode of Coronapod, we ask why T cells are so often overlooked, and what role they might be playing in our protection from the coronavirus.

News:‘Killer’ immune cells still recognize Omicron variant

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