Bengal Tigers Abandoned for 15 Years by Traveling Circus Finally Rescued in Argentina

Bengal tigers abandoned 15 years ago by a traveling circus, who have since been residing in a rail vehicle in San Luis, Argentina are finally being rescued by Four Paws International.

The worldwide animal welfare organization introduced it has reached a settlement with local government to take them to a sanctuary in South Africa in the coming weeks.

A family of tigers rescued by the organization

According to Africa News, FOUR PAWS, an organization famous for rescuing wild animals around the world, proclaimed Wednesday that after an extended campaign to boost funds for the move, it’ll take the four animals to their 1,200 hectares (12 sq. kilometers) Lions Rock big cat Sanctuary in the Republic of South Africa.

“We are presently running in close to cooperation with the Argentinian authorities, the Ministry of environment and sustainable development and therefore the farmer who took care of the tigers to place along the whole lot we wish for a speedy rescue of the tigers,” Four Paws representative Katharina Braun said as per Newsweek.

In 2007, a visiting circus requested a local farmer in San Luis to attend to tigers housed in a specialized teach carriage for six months. The teach carriage becomes positioned at the farmer’s land. But the circus in no way returned, leaving the farmer to feed and appearance after the 2 huge cats-a male and female which might be now 18 and 15 years old respectively.

The male and female eventually mated, giving birth to two cubs, taking the overall number of tigers living within the train carriage to four. Braun said the cubs, both of which are males, are estimated to be 10 and 12-years-old respectively.

Only if it’s banned to stay wild animals in private in Argentina, the farmer failed to instantly inform the authorities that he had the large cats. Over the years, he tried to take care of them to the most effective of his knowledge.

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The endangerment of tigers over the world


(Photo : JUNG YEON-JE/AFP via Getty Images)

The tiger (Panthera tigris) is one of the world’s most recognizable animals, intimately related to power and untamed nature. A symbol of nature’s wild places, tremendous in faiths and folktales of almost all civilizations, tigers encourage millions of people across the globe, from the monasteries in Bhutan to the catwalks of Milan. Sadly, tigers are on the point of extinction.

Just over a century ago, 100,000 wild tigers roamed throughout Asia. Today, fewer than 3,900 live in a mere 4 percent in their historic range. The biggest tiger population can now be located in India, domestic to 1/2 of all remaining wild tigers. Much of this decline has passed off withinside the past decade. As per WWF.

The tigers will be relocated to the Lions Rock Big Cat Sanctuary near Bethlehem, South Africa, which is one of 11 wildlife sanctuaries established by Four Paws around the world.

There are over 100 animals in the sanctuary, most of the big cats rescued by Four Legged. It provides a species-appropriate, life-long sanctuary for abused animals that cannot be returned to the wild.

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