Australia Forecast: Three Possible Tropical Cyclones Track on Queensland’s Coast; Low Pressure in Solomon Island Likely to Develop on Wednesday

The latest weather forecast said weather agencies in Australia are monitoring three possible tropical cyclones on Queensland’s coast. There is a chance that a low-pressure area will develop this Wednesday.

Australians planning to travel this week should consider bringing an umbrella as spots of rain are expected to unload anytime.

Severe weather likely to develop in Australia

May 16, 2020 in Gold Coast, Australia.

(Photo : by Chris Hyde/Getty Images)
May 16, 2020 in Gold Coast, Australia.

According to the latest forecast, 9News reported that a tropical cyclone could become a category-three storm.

The weather forecast added that the low-pressure area is tracked on the Solomon Islands and would reach the Queensland coast.

Meanwhile, The Guardian said the tropical cyclone would be named Freddy or Freddie if the low-pressure area developed.

The Guardian further explained that the possible tropical cyclone would impact portions of north Queensland.

Australians near the coast should stay updated with the weather conditions this week.

There is a chance of flooding in the coastal areas.

Whether the low pressure could make landfall, it would bring light to moderate rain in the region.

According to 9News, the Bureau of Meteorology reported that wind warnings are present in Capricornia regions, Townsville and Mackay.

The stronger winds would blow away trees.

In addition, homeowners should ensure they secure all essential items outside their homes.

The Bureau of Meteorology added that the east coast of Queensland could be at risk, especially on Thursday.

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Residents and motorists should stay updated with the weather forecasts.

On February 8, the weather forecasts showed a cloudy and sunny outlook in portions of Australia.

  •  Possible rain showers would emerge in Sydney and Darwin.
  • Melbourne, Brisbane, Hobart and Canberra can expect a cloudy outlook.
  • A sunny outlook would unfold in Perth and Adelaide.

Did you know? Australia’s weather facts

According to Climate Change Knowledge Portal, Australia has wet and dry conditions and varying climate zones. explained summer season occurs from December to February.

  • Autumn unfolds from March to May.
  • Spring is expected from September to November.
  • Winter unloads from June to August.

In addition, Australia is no stranger to powerful and extreme weather events.

According to Australian Geographic, the country suffered from devastating cyclones.

One of the extreme catastrophic events was Category 4 Cyclone Tracy in 1974, which struck Darwin during the height of the Christmas season.

The report recorded 65 casualties and thousands of injuries.

In 2011, Category 5 Cyclone Yasi was unloaded on Queensland Coast on February 3.

Early preparations were issued.

Thousands were sheltered and immediately evacuated. The powerful cyclone led to 3.6 billion in damage.

Moreover, Australia also suffers from moderate to extreme heat waves. Record-breaking heat waves unfolded that put many Australians at risk.

The Guardian reported that southern portions of Australia suffered from hot temperatures and heat waves.

As the La Niña is expected to end this year, the temperatures in 2024 are forecast to soar.

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